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My name is Debbie...

​​I have been a bridal seamstress for over 25 years. I'm originally from north of the Detroit area. In 1989 I started working as a bridal seamstress in a beautiful shop that was owned by two sister-in-laws. I apprenticed under an older Italian woman named "Anna". For 15 years she taught me the Old-World European way to alter bridal gowns. I have grown to appreciate what she taught me more every day. Over the years I have met countless bridal seamstresses that have not had this valuable teaching. Most are "self-taught" and consider their many years of experience to equal excellence in the quality of their work. I can assure you experience does not equal excellence. 

My philosophy is simple...

You have waited for this day for your whole life, you have dreamed of the perfect dress! I want you to continue to have a feeling of a perfect experience. I want you to hear angels singing when you walk through my door! I believe that once you have your dress in your possession (after waiting approximately 6 months for it to be delivered) you want to put it on and spend time twirling and admiring and dreaming of your wedding day in the mirrors. My fittings are typically an hour and a half unless I feel you need more time. I want you to spend the time walking and spinning and looking at every possible angle of your dress! Bring your entourage!! I have plenty of room. 

The decision to choose who alters your gown should be carefully considered.

Most brides don't realize that they have much of a choice; other than to rely on the seamstress that is employed by the bridal store where they purchased their gown. The seamstress, as an employee, has a loyalty to the owner of the store, not to the bride. In that scenario, the bridal store becomes a third party that requires a percentage of your alteration bill. It also requires the bridal store to give up valuable space in the fitting room area that would otherwise be used to create new sales. This leads to a rushed (usually 30 minute) fitting appointment in a very small room with minimal adjustments. The fit and work "seems" okay because you have nothing to compare it to. Let the bridal store do what they do best; provide you with plenty of beautiful dresses and sales consultants that understand body styles and trends. My loyalty is with you, my bride! You are my only focus! I would love the opportunity to share my experience with you!