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Frequently asked questions

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    Who do you provide services for?


    Brides, Bridesmaids, Flower Girls, Mother of the Bride, Mother of the Groom.
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    How much do your services cost?


    Alterations at the bridal shops locally are on average $1000 -$1500, not including custom work. My average bridal alterations are $350.-$450. with pressing included, but it's best to allow $500 in your budget.
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    How many fittings will I need?


    For a bride, there are typically 3 fittings. However, it is not uncommon to need 4. The first fitting should be scheduled shortly after you receive your dress from the bridal shop. Your final fitting is scheduled 2 weeks before your wedding day.
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    What can I expect during appointments?


    The majority of the pinning is done at your first fitting. At the second and/or third we will do any fine tuning that is required. The 3rd or final fitting is when you will be picking up your dress. It will be pressed and packaged for the ride home. You will be trying it on for one final time before the big day! Your final fitting is scheduled 2 weeks before your wedding day to give you a big sigh of relief! So that you can concentrate on all of your last minute details.
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    What is the typical turn-around time for a dress?


    No two weddings are alike, while one bride may have 2 years to plan another may only have 2 months. In an ideal situation, with more than enough time to spare, I like to allow 8-10 weeks for bridal and 4-8 weeks for bridesmaids, moms, and flower girls. It's very rare that we can't come up with some sort of plan!
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    Do you do any custom work?


    Absolutely! I would love the opportunity to work with your heirloom items. Whether that is your grandmother's dress, your mother's veil or creating something new from your dress after the wedding. If you are interested in any type of custom work, let me hear your ideas!

Anything else I should know? 

Bridal alterations are very different from having a pair of pants hemmed at the dry cleaners. This is not a job that your neighbor's great aunt should do for you because "she is so sweet and did my prom dress". 
Done professionally, it requires at least 4-5 hours just for fittings! You have probably found out through your shopping experience that dresses today are constructed with layers and layers of linings and crinolines. 
Even when a gown seems to fit well, the "perfect" fit is achieved by fine-tuning. This is THE one time that the fit really matters. You will see a common trend in my reviews regarding a "perfect" fit vs. a "good" fit. It is going to amaze you! I know because I hear it every time!
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